Interspec Furniture is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, with DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

"This is simply the best and most revolutionary product of its kind in the industry", says Jayne Webber, President of Interspec Furniture.

"It is a must see product that will forever change the landscape of our industry. It is also the most elegant, flexible and sophisticated office design solution ever conceived."

DIRTT, an acronym for Doing it Right This Time is the brainchild of legendary Mogens Smed. Named 2004 Environmental Champion by Interiors and sources magazine, Smed's quest, begun under SMED International, is to have companies stop building office space conventionally, and begin creating beautifully designed responsive and responsible workplaces.

See our latest DIRTT installation video below!

DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions provides the ultimate in customizable architectural interiors, with the kind of flexibility that forward thinking clients demand.

"This isn't just another slightly better solution. I wouldn't waste my time with that at my age. This is a revolution".
- Mogens Smed

DIRTT design is driven by a proprietary, though industry compatible software - ICE™. ICE provides clients with state-of-the-art 3-dimensional renderings with exceptional detail.

Every architect, designer and furniture purchaser needs to learn about this incredible new DIRTT and ICE™ system. It's sophisticated, elegant, flexible, and exceptionally well designed.

Bertschi Orth & Smith LLP - see their environment at work!

Interspec Furniture is pleased to present this short video overview of one of our recent DIRTT installations. The DIRTT solution provided Bertschi Orth & Smith LLP with a work envirnment that met all of their strategic, financial, design, functionality and aesthetic goals. Click the PLAY button below to learn more.

Please contact Jayne Webber to learn why DIRTT might just be the solution you've been looking for. Email: Jayne@InterspecFurniture, Tel: 613-523-9558

You may also want to visit the DIRTT website: http://www.DIRTT.net